The Most Commonly Abused Drugs On College Campuses

When people think of drug and alcohol use, they often attribute this to a younger generation. More specifically, they often think of young adolescents who are typically in college.

Why is that?

Well, this can be for several reasons. But the two more probable reasons are that young adults at this age are surrounded by a growing amount of peer pressure and they are more likely than ever to experiment with stuff – often because they feel invincible. While drugs and alcohol can affect anyone, at any age, it is important to take a special look at the age group that they do seem to affect the most.

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The matter of the fact is that college campuses are one of the most common places where drugs are found, sold, and abused. In fact, 49% of full-time college students drink and/or abuse drugs – both illegal and prescription.

If you have a child, you should be aware of these most commonly abused drugs on college campuses so that you can not only talk to them about them but also so you can be aware of the warning signs that they might be using them.

Here are a few of the drugs that are most commonly abused on college campuses:

  1. Alcohol

    Yes, alcohol is a drug and it does not come as much of a surprise that it is the number one abused drug on college campuses. It is so widely accepted to consume it, and it is often consumed in excess at parties. While the majority of college students are not legally old enough to drink, that doesn’t stop them from binge drinking with their friends on a Friday night.

  2. Marijuana

    I doubt this one surprises you much either. Marijuana has become almost as popular as alcohol, despite the fact that marijuana is still illegal in many states. It is a drug that is not often considered to be as hardcore as several other drugs and it is typically fairly easy to get ahold of.

    The sense of relaxation it provides makes it enticing to young adults. And it is commonly found being used with alcohol at a party scene. One statistic says that nearly half of all college students have tried marijuana at least once.

  3. Prescription pills: Adderall and Ritalin

    You are probably familiar with these prescription pills as they are often used for children with ADHD. However, many college students also use them as a way to get their grades up by allowing them to focus harder and study longer.

While there are several more common drugs to watch out for, these are the ones your student is most likely to encounter.

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