4 Inspirational Prayers For Relief From Stress and Worry

Millions of people struggle with stress and worry at different stages of their life, and in some this could lead to mental health issues such as chronic anxiety and depression. In addition, drug and alcohol abuse is said to often stems from ill-advised attempts to manage stress. 

Stress is an inevitable part of life, so it’s important to have healthy coping skills so you can deal with stress without turning to alcohol or drugs. Prayer is one way to reduce stress and find peace knowing that God is ready to stretch out His mighty hand towards us to support us and lead us with His wisdom.

Praying is also a powerful way to bring focus to your thoughts by seeking help from God who is in control of each and every situation.

Praying is easy, and it is as simple as talking to a friend or family member expressing your hopes and fears. 

If you are not already praying in this way, it would be a great step to take and make that a regular habit. Sometimes when we are at a loss for words, it is useful to have some prompts to help us pray. Here are 4 short prayer examples focusing on relief from stress and worry as a starting point which can be built on and adapted in your own words.

Prayer with Thanksgiving

Dear God in Heaven, I enter Your gates with a heart of thanksgiving even though my mind is filled with burden and nervousness. Please replace my anxious thoughts with a clear mind. You are my hope, and I trust Your mighty power. Thank you. Amen. 

Prayer for Mercy

Heavenly Father, I am feeling hurt and filled with stress due the circumstances around me. I come to your Holy presence seeking your mercy and grace, Oh Lord. May all my stress melt away in the first of Your presence. Help me not to worry knowing that my life is under Your control. Amen.

Prayers for God’s Cover

Dear Lord, my heart cries out to You as I am burdened with stress and worry. It seems that everything around me is falling apart. I have nowhere to go. Kindly cover me under the protection of Your wings and release all my fears. I will then feel safely hidden in Your care. I surrender my life and my circumstances to You. Thank You for answering my plea. Amen. 

Prayer for Healing

Jesus my Lord, I come to Your presence for help to ease the constant stress and worry pulling me down and making me sick and tired. Stretch out Your hand and heal me from head to toe. Change my stressful thoughts into joy of gratitude to you for restoring my health.  In Jesus mighty and powerful name I pray. Amen.

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