5 Dangerous Drugs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Marijuana, alcohol, Adderall, Heroin, Ecstasy – the list just seems to go on and on and you could probably still name a few more than what we’ve listed here. There are several drugs on the market, and unfortunately so many are widely abused that we know their names without even giving it much thought.


However, what might be even sadder is the fact that despite knowing several drugs, there are still more that you have probably never even heard of. Drugs are an epidemic that continues to sweep our society and it is important that we stay informed on the various drugs that pose a threat to our families – children, spouses, siblings, and even our parents. All it takes is one time for something to go completely wrong.

Keep reading to find out the names of a few of these drugs that are hiding in various corners of our planet and are creating new addicts each and every day:

  1. Khat 

    Also commonly known as Arabian Tea, Quaad, or Qat, this drug is commonly found throughout the Middle East. And in some areas, it is even as popular as your morning cup of coffee. While some use it for that morning boost of energy, others believe it can give the user a dangerous sense of invincibility.

  2. Krokodil 

    Also referred to as the “Poor Man’s Heroin” because of its low cost, it still provides very similar effects as traditional heroin. It actually gets its name from crocodiles because the injection sites of users resembles the leathery, ripped up skin seen on a crocodile. The chemicals found in Krokodil literally rot your skin from the inside out. This is one of the most disfiguring drugs in the world, and possibly even one of the deadliest.

  3. Benzo Fury 

    Benzo fury is a drug that was more recently introduced and is actually sold legally due to the fact that the label says, “not for human consumption.” But don’t be fooled by the fact that it is legally sold, benzo fury is far from safe.

    This drug acts as a hallucinogen and stimulant, and the effects of it can last up to 14 hours. People who have used this drugs have also been reported being hospitalized for overdosing and for self-harm.

Is a few minutes of the high really worth it? No.

Let us hear from you: have you heard of any of these? Tell us what you know in the comments.

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